Monday, December 24, 2012

The Star of the El Silencio Beach

This view of this beautiful beach I have photographed many times, using it as a setting in planetary conjunctions for over twenty years. Its westward view makes it ideal for this. However have an important compositional problem because if you do not have an ultra wide angle is not possible captured the whole star form. In previous images the shortest focal I used was 24 mm. Until I bought a 14 mm, in all my compositions from this point the star is cut and also the plastic beauty of your form. According to the Murphy's Law, when you have the tool you have not the conditions. In the last year it has not happened any interesting planetary conjunction, or tidal conditions were appropriate. This is very important because if the sea is flat not make the star on the beach.

This afternoon there were clouds in the sky however in the night the sky turned clear with a great atmospheric transparency. The Moon phase light on this day was 72%, a little high, but it is so difficult to combine all variables!!!.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Fall Lights in Valgrande Forest

This is my first encounter with this forest, really never focus him because it is between a ski resort and a highway road. But inside is very wild environment with lots of trees and several streams. Today was raining and cold during all afternoon and the photos are made under the umbrella, well an additional problem for the compositions.


In my opinion an evidence of climate change is that in these forests actually the fog it is unusual. As a child I remember how in the nearby forests to my home on rainy falls were covered in fog for days, at that time I was afraid to walk by them. However today would be the perfect day to have it but .... you can't please everybody

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Playing with the Waves

Some time ago I had planned a visit to this beach with the right tide to play with those beautiful waves that form when the sea is a bit rough. The slope of the beach is very small and the waves leave beautiful fans. I like cloudy skies in order to give more drama to the images, today was the perfect day and only I just needed not rain too much.

There is another aspect interesting of this beachthe sand color is very variable. Near here the Nalon river flows into the Cantabric Sea carrying coal particles deposited on this beach, when the flow of the river is big due to the local storms the color of the sand is very dark. Today was one of those days and loved it because added more drama to the scene increasing the contrast between the waves and the sand.

Late in the afternoon the clouds lost their volume and were blurred in a uniform gray/blue patch starting to rain steadily. After waiting an hour or so the light began to diminish and then was time to back home.